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At seolipa, we're dedicated to a data-driven approach and we'll do whatever it takes to help you succeed.

SEO Audits

A complete website  analysis to find your weak spots and turn them into new opportunities

SEO Strategy

How to strategically implement SEO recommendations and maximize all the resources. 

SEO Content

Creating content that matters, good for you and your prospects.

SEO Training

SEO tailored trainings for you or your team.

Local SEO

Get more visibility on your business location for geographically targeted searches.

SEO Reporting

Reporting and data analysis on the SEO performance.

SEO Work Experince with…

Who’s behind Seolipa?

Filipa. Indeed, it's me.

I am an SEO Consultant and I got into the world of Search Engines in 2018.

My expertise lies in SEO Audits and Strategy, and I'm proficient in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

After 5 years of working exclusively for companies and agencies, I chose to launch my own project.

seolipa was born in 2022.

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